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Motives Training Curriculum

Motives Marketing Workshop

You'll love this fun and interactive session! There will be a lively discussion on the Beauty Industry, paired with viable solutions you can offer as a Beauty Advisor. We'll chat about the uniqueness of our brand and how you can position yourself to evolve into a professional by leveraging the tools, education and ongoing support available to our Motives community.

Motives 1 to 1

In this training you'll get a tour of our collection as well as in depth education on how to create life long relationships by offering customized solutions to your clients. We dig deep into the importance of proper sanitation of your cosmetic kit and offer you all the tools you'll need to conduct effective and efficient Client Consultations. After mastering the 1 to 1, we'll move on to the leverage behind having a fun and interactive event with your clientele and even offer an action plan to set you up for success moving forward!

Motives Custom: Blend Your Beauty 

Trainer will open class by identifying the need of a customizable product line and educating class on what makes Motives such a viable solution. Basic Color Theory will be taught so that attendees understand the purpose and intent of the various products that we offer in our Custom Blend Mineral Kits. The Art of Communication will be discussed, as this is essential in creating long lasting client relationships. The entire class will have the opportunity to follow along, step by step, in creating their own personalized custom blended liquid and / or mineral powder. Trainer will discuss how to work together with a team to maximize sales at a ‘Blend Your Beauty Event’ and how to properly brand you and promote the product. Lastly, you will hear about the incredible income potential custom blend has to offer with a 200-300% retail markup.

Advanced Custom Blending Workshop

In this fun and interactive workshop, we will reference our Custom Blend Recipe Book: Inspired by YOU, and whip up some incredible products that you can offer to your custom clients. Whether it's a blush, bronzer, brow-pomade or polka-dot primer, you'll love it all and be amazed at how fun and duplicatable custom blending can be!

Skincare 1 to 1

Class will begin with a description of industry statistics and consumer demand. Trainer will then differentiate our brands so that you understand the uniqueness of our exclusively branded products. Attendees will have a chance to interact with one another and practice ‘Conducting a Consultation’ with questions guided by the trainer. There will be a live demonstration of how to conduct an ‘All About Skin’ event, which is a systemized, duplicatable retail event with a written guideliness & included marketing / sales materials. Lastly trainer will discuss income possibilities based on building share of customer, being a product of the product and embracing the Shopping Annuity.



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